Mediation Why Select Kevin D. Dennis, Esquire as Your Mediator?

As a practicing attorney, Mr. Dennis quickly realized that the “take it to trial” approach was not always the most efficient or effective strategy for the client or his/her counsel. Taking into account the time, cost, risk, and emotional stress on the client, a voluntary, self-determined decision with the aid of a neutral third party may afford the most profitable and certain outcome for the client. Moreover, the benefits of mediation do not inure solely to the client. The law firm/attorney may also be subject to risk. For example, a law firm may have tens of thousands of dollars “invested” in expert witness fees, legal costs, and several hundred hours of contingency time on the line.

The return on investment to an attorney may not be realized until after trial, and only if the firm/attorney is successful at trial and if the opposing party actually has the ability to pay the judgment. Additionally, these days, courts/judges routinely order mediation as a prerequisite to trial, many contracts require mediation as a prerequisite to suit, and many statutes contain a mediation requirement. Understanding the law is pivotal. However, understanding the finances and risk/reward probabilities is immeasurable.

Kevin D. Dennis